What is this - Advertising?

Main principles of advertising
* To interest clients, skilfully using figures, illustrations and other ways
of advertising which draw attention of clients to that which is being
* To support interest, emphasizing advantage of your offer.
* To cause desires or associations which the potential client would
identify with the benefit.
* To show advantages: cost depends not on the low price, but from the
best service and high quality; it is important to address the self-respect
of the client, and to cause corresponding associations.
* To organize (to facilitate) purchase: it is necessary to inform clients
on, where and how they can realize specific proposals (concerning
a product or services).
* To give a signal to action: " do not waste time ", "hurry", “great
opportunity” that is to interest clients in the urgent execution of the
offered before other matters will distract their attention.

Primary colours and their perception
Blue - Cold, cool, Distant, Quiet, steady, Pure
Green - Neutral, cold, Distant, Quiet, relaxing, Fresh
Red - Warm, Intimate, Irritable, Fresh
Pink - Warm, Intimate, Soft, Fresh
Orange - very warm, very intimate, Fascinating, stimulating, Fresh
Yellow - very warm, Close, Fascinating, stimulating, Fresh
Brown - Neutral, very intimate, Fascinating, stimulating, Dirty
Violet - Cold, very intimate, aggressive, discouraging, Dirty
Grey - Cold, Close, Neutral, dull, rather dirty

There is no one “correct” color. Color, its shades and combinations are
chosen specifically for of each business, company history, its location
(geographical) site, the goods and-or the services presented in
advertising, and the intended audience. It is necessary to consider not
only color and its shades, but also the maintenance of advertising.
The same colors can cause the most diverse associations if they
reflect, with their attributes and purpose of concept, different objects
and subjects.

What Advertising Can Do For Your Business:
- Remind customers and prospects about the benefits of your product
or service
- Establish and maintain your distinct identity or "personality"
- Enhance your reputation
- Encourage existing customers to buy more of what you sell
- Attract new customers and replace lost ones
- Slowly build sales to boost your bottom line

What Advertising Cannot Do For Your Business:
- Create an instant avalanche of customers
- Cause an immediate sharp increase in sales
- Solve cash flow or profit problems
- Substitute for poor or indifferent customer service
- Peddle useless or unwanted products or services, such as snow tires
in Florida during July.
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