What is this - Design?


 - is the process of the from of anew object. The design of a
manufactured object is its form or the way it has been made. A design
is a drawing of the proposed from of a new object. A design is also a decorative pattern of lines, flowers, or shapes. If something is designed
for a purpose, it is intended for that purpose.


- the specific number of the design activity which has united
the art-subject creativity and scientifically proven engineering practice
in sphere of industrial manufacture.

What is this - Design:

Synthesis of marketing, psychology, creativity
and design are integral parts in development of visual advertising. If simple design is a creation of a beautiful picture then advertising design
is a creation of a beautiful picture which brings profit to its owner. In order
for advertising to work in its basis there should be an Idea that is not
simply pleasant to the designer and the Customer, but, first of all,
influences clients of the Customer. As well as work the way it is conceived
and planned. For the beginning, business of the Client is studied in detail,
activity and advertising of competitors and so forth is analyzed. As a
starting point serves the audience for which the project is developed. Only
after the answer to a question "what advertising techniques is better to
influence this audience?" and a development of precise requirements for
Ideas, the creative search begins...

In the creation of a quality product, the first step, which is necessary,
is to define correctly the task i.e. what is it intended for. In fact for the
accomplishment of various tasks there are different advertising means:
from black-and-white leaflets to colorful introductory catalogues.

You have goods or service which demands introduction to the buyer.
In this case you cannot do without a booklet, telling the buyer what is
offered. Is the event coming soon? A poster is necessary. You have a
series of goods? A professional catalogue is required. You are the
representative of the company? Well, business cards are for you.

Company style

is a set of art and text elements unified by one idea, a
color scheme which allows your firm to be recognized among set of
competitors, to gain authority in the market and to form a positive
image of the company in the eyes of consumers and partners.

Basic elements of firm style

Advertising design, Book covers, Book interiors, Booklets, Brochures
(Bifold Brochures, Tri-fold Brochures, 4-panel Brochures, 6-panel
Brochures ), Business Cards, Cartoons, Catalogs, CD Covers,
Corporate Identity Package, Firm Block (a sign + a trade-mark), Firm
Combination of Colors, Folders, Flyers, Envelopes, Illustrations,
Invitations, Letterheads, Logotypes, Magazine, Manuals, Marketing
Package Design, Newsletters, Plastic Cards, Posters, Postcards, Set
of Fonts, Technical Documents, Trade-Marks, Website.

Aesthetic value in design

The special value of object revealed by the person in a situation of
aesthetic perception, emotional, sensual experience and estimation
of a degree of conformity of object to an aesthetic ideal of the subject.
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